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The Use of Conveyor Belt Problems and Solutions

Jan. 15, 2021

1、The conveyor belt will become longer after using for a period of time

The conveyor belt will elongate during use, part of which is elastic elongation, which can be restored after the external force is withdrawn, and the other part is the elongation of the skeleton material compilation shrinkage, which cannot be restored. In common fabric core conveyor belt, the elongation of EP conveyor belt is smaller, while the elongation of NN conveyor belt is larger. Moreover, in the process of use, NN conveyor belt has greater creep after the nylon fiber is stressed, so the elongation ratio increases in the process of use, and because of the creep of the fiber, the amount that can shrink back after the external force is withdrawn is much smaller than the elongation.

2、Belt deflection

There are several reasons for the deviation of the belt body of the conveyor belt.

① Uneven tension in the weaving process causes one side to be loose and one side to be tight.

② The thickness of both sides is not one to both one side thick and one side thin.

③ The tension in the production process of flame retardant belt is not uniform.

Conveyor Belt

3、The correct way to use the conveyor belt.

① Prevent the belt from starting under load.

② When the conveyor belt deviates, timely measures should be taken to correct it.

③ Conveyor belts of different types and layers should not be used together, and the joints should be glued together.

④ The type, structure, specification and number of layers of general conveyor belt and special conveyor belt should be reasonably selected according to the conditions of use.

⑤ The running speed of conveyor belt should not be greater than 2.5m/s, and the material with large size and abrasion and the unloading device with fixed pear should be used at low speed as far as possible.

⑥ The relationship between the diameter of the drive roller of the roller conveyor and the fabric layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the drive roller and the redirecting roller and the requirement of the groove angle of the roller should be reasonably selected according to the design of the conveyor.

⑦ In order to reduce the impact of the material falling on the conveyor belt, the chute should be adopted to reduce the distance of material falling; for the material receiving section of the conveyor belt, the spacing between the rollers should be shortened and the buffer rollers should be adopted for the material leakage, and the conveyor belt should adopt the soft and moderate baffle plate, so as not to make the baffle plate too hard and scratch the belt surface of the conveyor belt.

⑧ When the conveyor is in use, if there is a lack of rollers, it should be added and repaired in time; the rollers are covered by materials, causing the rotation is not working, to prevent leakage of material stuck between the roller and the tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the movable part of the conveyor belt, but shall not oil the conveyor belt.

⑨ Avoid the conveyor belt suffering from rack, pillar or block material blocking, prevent touching and tearing, when the belt is found to be partially damaged, the artificial cotton should be repaired in time to avoid expansion.

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