Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Classification of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

According to the conditions of use

According to the conditions of use, it is divided into oil-resistant conveyor belts under general conditions (indicated by LO) and oil-resistant conveyor belts under strong abrasion conditions (indicated by DO).

Oil-resistant conveyor belts are divided into ordinary cotton canvas oil-resistant conveyor belts and powerful oil-resistant conveyor belts. The core material generally uses cotton canvas, nylon (NN) canvas, polyester (EP) canvas, etc.

Ordinary conveyor belts have poor tolerance to various oils and organic solvents. When transporting oily materials, due to the swelling and corrosive properties of the oil on the surface rubber, the volume of the surface rubber increases, the structure is loose, the physical and mechanical properties decrease, and the product life is shortened. The oil-resistant conveyor belt is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas, and refined through calendering, molding, vulcanization and other processes. It has good oil resistance and is suitable for conveying oily materials and some occasions where oily and chemical solvents may appear. use. The covering rubber adopts nitrile rubber with high acrylonitrile content as the main material, and canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas as the strong layer. It is suitable for transporting oily materials or contacting various working oil environments. Specifically, it has the advantages of low volume change rate, high strength retention, and wide application range.

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