Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

What is a Steel Cord Conveyor Belt?

The steel cord conveyor belt is based on the ordinary steel cord conveyor belt, perpendicular to one or both sides of the longitudinal steel wire rope, horizontally and evenly laying steel ropes, steel cords, fiber ropes, fiber fabrics and other reinforcement layers to increase its horizontal tear resistance , Make it have good impact resistance and tear resistance.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Product Structure

The steel wire conveyor belt is made of galvanized steel wire ropes arranged at fixed intervals and equal tension in the longitudinal direction as the skeleton material. According to the structure, there are ordinary type and anti-tear type with transverse reinforcement layer; according to the purpose, in addition to the ordinary type, there are general flame-retardant, cold-resistant, ozone-resistant, and heat-resistant types. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, very low elongation, good grooveability, flex resistance, impact resistance, etc., suitable for high-strength, long-distance, large-load material transportation, and also suitable for high-strength, high-speed and short-distance transportation of materials , It is widely used in heavy industry such as metallurgy, coal mine and port.

Wire conveyor belt use

The anti-cracking steel cord conveyor belt is suitable for material transportation under tear-proof conditions required by industries such as coal mines, mines, ports, electric power, metallurgy, and building materials. It can be used for long-distance, large-span, large-volume and high-speed material transportation. ,

Factors affecting the life of wire rope conveyor belt

1. During use, temperature and environment will affect the service life of anti-cracking steel cord conveyor belt

2. The inclination angle of the anti-crack wire rope conveyor belt is related to the running speed

3. The conveyor belt is overloaded and runs over long working hours

4. Use with unsuitable conveying machinery

5. Incorrect manual operation habits

6. The anti-cracking steel cord conveyor belt cannot be regularly maintained and maintained regularly

7. Use incorrect storage method

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