Nn100-500 Nylon Fabric Rubber Conveyor Belt

Nylon is one of the best quality synthetic fibers that rubber industry use nowadays.


Product Description

Nylon is one of the best quality synthetic fibers that rubber industry use nowadays. The nylon canvas is woven by nylon fibers both in warp and in weft, it is the most widely used fabric in rubber industry, and its outstanding merits are high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and good fatigue resistance.

Conveyor belts with nylon canvas inside have the characteristics of thin belt body, high tensile strength, good shock resistance, good trough ability, high adhesion between plies, splendid flexibility and long working life. Nylon conveyor belts are suitable for medium, long-distance and heavy-load transportation of materials.


Basic strength material is NN fabric. (Both the warp and weft are NN66). Applied in the situation that long distance, heavy impact and heavy abrasion.

Application Fields

Metallurgy, steel plant, building material and construction, energy, chemical, machinery equipment and port.

Tensile Strength: 500-3200 N/mm

Width: 500-2400 mm


Cover Properties of the Belts:

Cover GradeTensile StrengthElongationAbrasionChange Rate of Tensile Strength and Elongation after Aging
Mpakgf/cm2%mm 3%
Anti Tear Series24240450120-25~+25
Abrasion Resistance Series18180400100-25~+25
General Series15150350200-30~+30

Product Specification:

Fabric TypeFabric StructureFabric SpecsPly ThicknessStrength Series(N/mm)Cover Thickness(mm)Width (mm)Length (m)
HorizontalWeft(mm/P)2 ply3 ply4 ply5 ply6 plyTopBottom
Nylon (NN)Nylon (N)Nylon (N)NN-1000.72003004005006001.5-80-4.5400-2500≦300

Adhesion and Elongation of the Belt:

BeltAdhesive StrengthElongation
CarvasBetween PliesBetween Rubber and CarvasLongitudinal Elongation at BreakLongitudinal Elongation at Reference Load
N/mmRubber Thickness mm%≥%≦
Nylon Canvas≥4.50≥3.2≥3.5104
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