Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Oil resistant conveyor belt can be used in the condition of conveying the oily material or under oily environment.


Product Description

Oil resistant conveyor belt can be used in the condition of conveying the oily material or under oily environment.

Application Fields

Metallurgy, steel plant, building material and construction, energy, chemical, machinery equipment and port.

Technical Specification

After the aging test(70℃*168h), at cover rubber rate of “tensile strength at break” and “elongation at break”,  the value change is not over 25% than before.



TypeTensile Strength/MpaElongation at BreakAbrasion

L0-oil resistance convey under the general condition.

D0-strong wear and oil resistance conveyor belt which is able to bear the oil-resiance of work.

Serial No.Experiment Conditions When Soaked in the LiquidChange Rate of Cubage
GB/T 1690 OilSoaking Temperature/℃Soaking Time/hL0D0
1oil No.270±270-01+20-5
2oil No.370±270-01+50+5
3oil No.4100±222±0.25+50+5

Note:Taking one as a trail will be OK.

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